Monday, July 14, 2014

BareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Nudes With Attitude Gloss Set

Helllooooo, big girls.  I'm back!   I was in my "teacher cave" the last couple of months of 2nd semester and then have just been enjoying a much-deserved, relaxing summer.  Have been working on several blog posts, though, and am getting back in the swing of things and putting on my "Big Girl Blogger Panties" so that I can start publishing reviews and raves again.  So, let's get on to business!

I must confess that I have developed quite an obsession with Marvelous Moxie lip glosses, BareMinerals' line of minty, super-pigmented, long-wearing glosses over the past few months.  It started when I saw my friend Sheila at Painted Ladies post about this BareMinerals set, and I knew I had to have Smooth Talker, the gorgeous gloss that was included in it.  Then, one day in February, a Marvelous Moxie Lip Gloss Duo (with the shades Survivor and Tough Cookie) called The Power of Pink ( was a limited edition for Breast Cancer Awareness month, but I am betting it might re-appear next year!) was whispering my name by the Ulta cash register as I was checking out, and thus my Marvelous Moxie "collection" started.  Here are my first 3 glosses -
Top to bottom - Survivor, Tough Cookie, Smooth Talker

l to r - Survivor, Tough Cookie, Smooth Talker

Survivor - a nude, milky pink that goes great with a smoky eye

Tough Cookie - a bright fuchsia
Smooth Talker - A neutral pink with gold shimmer and
very similar to one of my all-time favorite glosses, MAC Nymphette

Then, apparently the Power of Pink gloss sisters told the folks at BareMinerals that I was a sucker for their Limited Edition sets, and yet ANOTHER one called Nudes with Attitude was waiting for me and not whispering but SHOUTING my name at Ulta about a month ago:

This set contains 6 mini glosses that are perfect for throwing in your purse, pocket, or desk.  While the shades may not be what most consider true "nudes," they are each great neutrals that pair well with just about any makeup look.  Here are the three lightest shades, which each contain subtle shimmer:
Top to bottom - Super Power, Trailblazer, A-Lister

Top to bottom - Super Power, Trailblazer, A-Lister
Super Power, a barely-there milky nude
Trailblazer - a peachy-gold nude

A-Lister - a rose-gold nude

The darker three glosses have no shimmer and a creamy, semi-opaque consistency and color
Top to bottom - Future Star, Live Wire, Maverick

Left to right - Future Star, Live Wire, Maverick

Future Star - a bright, pinkish-coral
Live Wire - a blush pink with just a hint of iridescence

Maverick - a deeper, brownish-rose

Lastly, here are a few "combos" that I came up with for the glosses from this set.  I rarely wear a gloss just by itself, as I find that layering it with a liner or lipstick yields bolder color and more staying power.

Super Power, the lightest shade of the bunch, over one of my recent
favorite nude liners, MAC's Prolongwear Lip Liner in Staunchly Stylish

A-Lister on top of NYX's Nectar, which is one of my favorite
lip liners of all time!  It's a shimmery peach that is gorgeous when used to line and
fill in the lips almost all the way and then topped with just about any nude, peach, or pink gloss

My favorite combo - Future Star gloss on top of Buxom's Big & Healthy Lip Stick in
London (a milky pink that sort of "blanks out" the lips without
making me look like a corpse.  I wear this under
just about EVERY lipgloss that I own!) and
MAC's Prolongwear liner in In Anticipation
The Marvelous Moxie Nudes With Attitude gloss set is currently available at UltaBare (their Anniversary Sale is going on right now, too!), and

Happy lipglossing, and hope that you are all enjoying your summer!


  1. very pretty MLBB gloss shades! I haven't tried them, but I adore the BM MM lipsticks. They are my faves

  2. I am loving these. I love a bold eye so nude and soft lip colors are a must for me.