Thursday, March 27, 2014

Beautiful, Useful, Joyful - Sweet Sammy Creations

I have always loved the saying, "Get rid of anything that isn't beautiful, useful, or joyful," and I also love to shop using the reverse of that statement - "Is it beautiful?  Is it useful?  Is it joyful?"  After years of moving, living overseas, shopping in all corners of the world, and just acquiring the "stuff" that comes along with adulthood, adhering to this rule has helped me a lot in clearing out the clutter from my life and also from making wise purchases for myself and for my home.  So, today starts a new ongoing series of posts for Put On Your Big Girl Lipstick in which I can share all of the beautiful, useful, and joyful non-beauty-related things that I find with all of you!  

One particularly great place for finding unique and beautiful/useful/joyful things is Etsy.  I can spend hours browsing all of the gorgeous and eclectic handmade items on this wonderful site, and I especially love shopping Etsy for gift ideas for friends and family.  One of my recent Etsy finds is Sweet Sammy Creations, a local Atlanta e-tailer owned by Martina Michon and her daughter,  that makes personalized notecards and gift enclosure cards.  Along with a perfectly made pitcher of sweet tea, a good biscuit recipe, and a knack for saying "bless your heart" in just the right way, every good Southern girl knows the value of a hand-written note on a lovely piece of stationery.  And, I have always loved the elegance and practicality of gift enclosure cards, which are smaller than a standard fold-over note cards or correspondence cards and add a pretty finishing touch to any gift bag or wrapped present.  Sweet Sammy makes gift enclosure cards that are perfect to include with any present, small or large, and with several beautiful designs and monogram/personalization options.  

First, let's take a moment to ooooohhhh and aaaahhhh over Sweet Sammy's adorable packaging:

And now...a big Southern girl shout-out to all things monogrammed, including these oh-so-pretty mint and taupe floral gift enclosure cards...swoon!
The other cards I chose are a whimsical, multi-colored floral pattern:
These 3x3 gift enclosure cards come in sets of 12 and also include plain white envelopes for each card:

These elegant and practical enclosure cards definitely pass my beautiful/useful/joyful test (raise your hand if pretty new stationery makes your heart sing!), and I have already given several gifts and included these wonderful cards with them.  

A set of 12 cards plus white envelopes costs $12.50, and Martina and her daughter are meticulous in making sure that every detail from the font to the correct spelling is done to your specifications.  

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What are your favorite Etsy shops?  

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