Saturday, January 11, 2014

Travalo Fragrance Atomizer

As many of you know already, I am a perfume FANATIC  (and I'm pretty sure that Hell is full of both students and/or husbands who all have perfume allergies and would require me to be "scent-free" for the rest of my life).  I simply love the uplifting and transformative power of a beautiful fragrance.  In this post from last fall, I shared how I, like many women, have very strong memories and emotional connections to the many perfumes that have been a part of my collection at one time or another.   And, while I have my favorite scents that I am fiercely loyal to, I'm also always looking for the next new addition to my perfume tray.  So, if you are a fragrance lover like me, you will also understand how happy it makes me to be able to wear and carry my perfume with me anywhere I go.

Well, this perfume-loving girl has found her perfect fragrance accessory - the Travalo Fragrance Atomizer.

While I have tried other perfume atomizers in the past, they have all been ones that require messy, complicated syphoning of fragrances into atomizers that either leak all over my purse and/or result in at least half of the fragrance winding up on my hands and in my bathroom sink instead of inside of the container.

However, the Travalo has a totally different design than most other atomizers.  On the bottom of its glass vial, there is a tiny (leak-proof!) rubberized opening.

To fill the Travalo, all that you do is gently pull off the spray nozzle of your perfume bottle (and while I think I may have been the last person on the planet to figure this out, I had NO idea until I bought a Travalo that you even do this with any bottle of fragrance).

 Place the opening of the Travelo on top of it, gently pushing it down so that the actual spray mechanism (The white plastic spout that's inside of the spray nozzle on the perfume bottle) is inside of the bottom of the Travalo atomizer.

Then, simply pump the Travalo several times until the atomizer is full.

Voila!  You can now take your favorite fragrance with you everywhere you go.

The only tricky part of using the Travalo is emptying it out when you want to change the fragrance.  The spray nozzle cannot be removed so that you can just pour out whatever fragrance remains in the container.  So, what I found was easiest to do was to first spray out the remaining fragrance in the Travalo into the sink.  Then, fill up a small plastic spray bottle (the type that travel-sized body mists come in) with water, pull the cap off of it, and pump the Travalo full again to "rinse" it out with the water.  Last, pump the water out so that the Travalo is empty again and ready for you to fill up with another fragrance.  (you might have to do this process a couple of times with water to thoroughly rinse the atomizer).  Here is a good YouTube tutorial for how to do this.  I will say that no matter how many times that I rinse my Travalo, though, there always seems to be just a tiny hint of whatever fragrance was there before remaining.  In some cases, this is not a huge problem.  A tiny bit of Guerlain Samsara lingering with Chanel Allure is OK, but I do not want the heady sandalwood of Samsara mixing in with my clean, fruity Prescriptives Calyx or sweet, lovely Bvlgari Rose Essentielle.  So, what I plan to do is buy a second one so that I can have one for my spicy/warm fragrances and another for my more clean/fresh/fruity fragrances.

The Travalo retails for about $10 and comes in several different colors.  I bought mine from, but they can also be bought from other sites such as and Makeup Mania.

Happy Saturday, Big Girls! :)

p.s. - the perfume pictured in this post is Ellen Tracy's Pretty Petals, which is sold exclusively at TJMaxx.  It is a very close dupe for the much-loved and now-discontinued Miss Dior Cherie by Christian Dior, and it retails for $9!  It does not, however, have the longevity and sillage that MDC had, so it is a perfect "candidate" for a Travalo.

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  1. This could not have come at a better time. My favorite fragrance, Frederick Malle's Musc Ravageur is not 'openable". The guy at Barney's tried to sell me a travel atomizer that worked the same way but was a little more upscale/unisex looking for $25. I'm all over this one! Thank you!