Monday, September 2, 2013

Eyeshadow Collection - Warm & Neutral Palettes

Happy Labor Day weekend, everyone! One of my projects this long holiday weekend has been re-painting and re-organizing my "beauty room," which is a room in the basement level of my house where I get ready every day and where I keep all of my beauty loot.  Because I have had to move everything out to paint, I thought it would be a good time to also clean and re-organize all of my makeup.  And while I'm at it, I thought I would begin to share my makeup collection with you!  Today we'll start with eyeshadows, which, for the most part, I buy either as palettes or in containers that can be de-potted (MAC, Wet 'n Wild, and NYX are my 3 favorite brands that can be de-potted, but I wouldn't try this with a nice compact like Chanel or Tom Ford). Let's begin with my warm and neutral colors -

First, here's a little somethin' somethin' that I picked up a couple of days ago with an Ulta gift card that a good friend gave me for my birthday:

bareMinerals Ready Eyeshadow quad in The Happy Place:

If you've never tried them, bareMinerals Ready Eyeshadows (they come in duos and quads) are buttery-smooth and super-pigmented.  The shades in this quad are:

 - Peace(top left) - soft, matte, pale pinkish-peach
 - Exhale(bottom left) - soft, matte, cool taupe
 - Imagine (top right) - medium pinkish-copper
 - Euphoria (bottom right) - Dark, reddish/plummy-brown

Peace and Exhale are gorgeous together when used to create a soft, matte, natural eye.  Euphoria is very intense and looks fabulous smudged over black eyeliner.  Imagine is just plain beautiful, especially with green or hazel eyes.  It's like MAC's Expensive Pink but with a bit more copper.

Next, a wonderful neutral palette from NYX called Caviar and Bubbles (yikes!  It must be discontinued, as it is selling for $35 on Amazon.  If you see this in the store, BUY IT!):

This little guy was unfortunately the victim of my failed attempts to de-pot one of the shadows, so the plastic melted just a little bit on the front and I lost one of the shadows on the top row.  However, I have remained faithful to this gem from NYX despite its injuries.  It's one of those palettes where several of the shadows appear to be almost the same, but their subtle differences are what make them versatile.  Every shade in here is a no-brainer for creating a neutral eye.  It has smooth, shimmery shadows for using on the inner corners/browbones and lids, cool and warm medium-toned shades for the crease, and a super-dark matte brown and black for the outer crease or smudging out a liner. 

Next let's look at my Z-Palettes, which hold my MAC and Wet 'n Wild shadows. (In case you don't know...Wet 'n Wild has seriously stepped up their game in the last few years with their Color Icon 3-pan and 8-pan shadows.  Most of the shades in these palettes are as pigmented and smooth as any MAC or Chanel shadows you could buy).

First, my neutral and warm palette:

As you can tell, this Z-Palette has seen better days.  This is the first one I ever bought, and it has lasted me 5 years.  I will most likely replace it soon, but in case you don't know how to use these, check out this YouTube tutorial from beauty guru Makeup Geek (Marlena) on how to de-pot MAC shadows and put them into palettes.  The only thing that I do that is different from her method is that I use aluminum foil instead of wax paper.  Also, Z-Palettes now come with their own perfectly-sized magnets to put on the backs of your MAC shadows, so no need to buy magnet stickers any more!  Yipee!  (but I do keep a few of these stickers around just in case I have a non-MAC-shaped pan to put in my palettes) These palettes are such a nice alternative to digging through tons of smaller containers (Z-Palette also makes smaller sizes of these palettes that are good for travel or those of you who are not gluttonous as I am), and you can save the empty containers and use them for the Back-to-Mac recycling program.

Shades from left to right (all MAC):
 - First Row - Omega, Shroom, Jest, Woodwinked
 - Second Row - Kid, Naked Lunch, Expensive Pink, Sable
 - Third Row - Era, All That Glitters, Mythology, Amber Lights

Here are most of my Wet 'n Wild neutral favorites:

- Far left - Eyelid color from the Walking on Eggshells 3-pan palette
 - Bottom middle - One of the eyelid colors from the Comfort Zone 8-pan palette
 - Far right - Brule, a Wet 'n Wild Single shadow that is a must-have.  Almost an exact dupe for MAC's Brule, but BETTER. You need this!
 - Top center - Random Clinique shadow (Lucky Penny, I think)...I needed enough to get the bonus at Belk, people.  Yes, I know I have 47 other shades just like it. 

Left - Crease color from the Walking on Eggshells 3-pan palette
Right - Crease color from the Knock on Wood Palette (I love this dark, shimmery brown for smudging out eyeliner)

- Right - MAC loner shadow - Bronze
- Middle - Random (but very pretty and so smooth!) Jane Iredale shadow in Peach
- Left - Random and long-neglected Stila Jezebel shadow

My next neutral palette, The Balm Nude 'Tude Palette, is on the way in the mail via a Makeup Alley swap (I have just discovered swapping on Makeup's addictive!  Post to come soon of my recent swap goodies).  Will be sure to post a review after I experiment with it. 

What are your favorite warm and neutral shadows and palettes?  Any de-potting tips? 

Hope that you are all having a great holiday weekend!

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