Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sephora Favorites Superstars Beauty Essentials set - The Mothership Has Arrived! PLUS...My Perfect Nude Lip.

Of all of my gluttonous cosmetic purchases this summer (so far...), this Sephora Superstars Set has been my absolute favorite. Packed with several "greatest hits" of the makeup world, this is a collection of products that will not disappoint.  The set retails for $75 and is a fabulous bargain!  It contains:

- 0.035 oz Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder
- 0.06 oz Sephora Collection Microsmooth Baked Eye Shadow Trio in Black Light
- 0.16 oz NARS Blush in Orgasm
- 0.5 oz Kate Somerville Exfolikate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment
- 0.5 oz Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil
- 0.33 oz Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer
- 0.3 oz Benefit They're Real! Mascara
- 0.15 oz BUXOM Big & Healthy Lip Polish in Sandy
- 0.016 oz Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner
- 0.33 oz Kat Von D Saint Eau de Parfum Rollerball

Am still experimenting with many of the products, as most of them are new to me (where the heck have I been?).  So, more reviews to come!  However, Buxom's Big & Healthy Lip Polish in Sandy has long been one of my essential elements for my perfect nude lip, which include...

(top to bottom) - Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Polish in Sandy, Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Stick in London, Clinque Quickliner for Lips in Bamboo

p.s. - The Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Stick in London makes an EXCELLENT base for lipglosses, especially nude/pink/peachy ones.  Also, be careful using lipliner with a nude lip.  Use a light hand and smudge/blend it into your lips really well, or else you risk having what I call "gangsta girl lips." .  (I teach high school, folks.  Among the many other makeup disasters that have walked into my classroom over the years, I've seen more black and brown eyeliner used as lipliner than you can imagine.  However, I am sure that my teachers laughed at my 1980s Wet'n Wild/Aziza makeup "statements," too.  Purple sunsets on the eyelids, anyone?)

What are your go-to products for your perfect nude lip?

More updates to come soon as I experiment with the rest of my Sephora Superstars beauty loot!  


  1. Love it Elizabeth! I always see those sets and think they look awesome, but I have no idea what to do with half of it! : 0 I also had the Aziza eye shadow in some crazy blend of blue and white, and who could ever forget "Shimmering Shell" lipstick?? Yikes! I have absolutely nothing to offer in the nude lip department, but I will say that Trish McEvoy's lip gloss in Sexy Nude is awesome!

    1. Oh, long lost Shimmering Shell. :( Will have to check out the Trish lipgloss! In all honesty, I haven't ever gotten around to trying out too many Trish McEvoy products, but now you have given me a mission...

  2. I'm loving that nude lip look you created--so flattering!

    Oh yes, count me in Team Questionable Makeup Statements. I was fine until I hit my early 20's and did retail makeup artistry...if only I had a nickel for every Body Shop Chestnut lipliner with Fawn lipstick (shimmery ice beige) combo we wore! And dark matte "vampy" lips. We looked ridiculous.

    1. Girrrl, you could create a serious gangsta lip look with the Chesnut + Fawn! And oh, Lord, my 90s vampy lips...may they rest in peace. :)