Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June Ipsy Bag Review

Ahhh, the thrill of seeing this metallic hot pink padded envelope in my mailbox every month (shouldn't all U.S. mail be sent in packages like this??!!):

Ipsy is my only beauty sample subscription service as of right now, and I am always so excited when it arrives each month.  The theme of Ipsy's July bag was "On the Wild Side," and as always, the items come zipped in a fabulous little cosmetic pouch.  I love Ipsy's bags that come with their products, as they are always sturdy and well-made with cute designs and are perfect for travel or carrying in your purse. 

LOVE this month's Ipsy bag!  ROARR!

June's Ipsy bag contained several really nice products, though every subscriber's Ipsy bag contents may not have been *exactly* alike.  (I have seen reviews stating that some received the original Pssst dry shampoo, but mine did not contain this.  I have also seen some other bloggers or YouTube beauty gurus who did receive the same brands and types of products, but the colors they received were different from mine).  Let's take a peek inside my June Ipsy bag:

First, we have an insanely glittery cream eyeshadow palette by J. Cat Beauty and NYX's blush in Angel:

Sparkle, sparkle, shimma, shimma

Next, we have a lip liner in Tickle Me Pink by Star Looks, a highlighting pencil in Ivory Lace by Chella, and a gel eyeliner in Iron by Cailyn:

All 3 of these are creamy and super-pigmented

The lipliner is super-smooth and creamy, almost like a lipstick in pencil form, and is a beautiful pink shade that can work for many different pinky/rosey lipsticks and glosses.  The highlighting pencil...meh...I am not big on highlighters for eyes in general, but this does make a pretty good base for eyeshadow if you sort of "sketch" it on your lids and blend it out with a brush.  The Line-Fix Gel Eyeliner by Caila, though, was the total ROCK STAR of this month's Ipsy bag for me.  It comes with its own brush that is actually part of the cap itself:

How neat-o torpedo is this?!
All you do is gently pull the top of the cap away from the base, and inside of it is a small brush that is actually GREAT for applying gel eyeliner.  It is very small and flat with a pointy tip that is perfect for creating a thin, smooth line.  And, the gel eyeliner itself is a gorgeous, slightly shimmery gunmetal shade that glides on like butta and does NOT budge.

This gel liner gave me a smooth, soft line and was so easy to apply!
 Handy-dandy tip - Gel eyeliners also make great primers for creating a smokey eye.  Simply use a flat, synthetic brush to pat a gel eyeliner in a dark, smoldering color that is similar to whatever eyeshadow you are going to use for your smokey eye (or, I find that a nice, shimmery charcoal color like this one is an excellent base for just about any color smokey eye - plum, gray, teal, navy, etc.), and then your shadow will be even more intense and rich in color when applied.  

The NYX Blush in Angel was also a winner for me, though I have to say that it took some experimenting a few times with this shimmery, peachy-pink shade (a couple of which ended up in the whole entire side of my face looking like a disco ball) to realize that on my skin (for reference, I am NW20-25 in MAC and #118 in MUFE HD Foundation), it makes a MUCH better highlighter than it does a blush.

Helloooooo, shimma!
Tarte's Amazonian Clay blush in Dollface with the NYX Angel blush applied just above it as a highlight. 

I also love the smooth, creamy texture of the lip liner, and for this look I simply lined and filled in my lips with it and then used just a little bit of MAC's Bombshell lipstick on top to give it a little dimension.  

 As for the glittery cream eye shadow palette...

 ...I'm so sorry, J. Cat, but I am just not a glitter-on-my-face gal.  I teach high school, for heaven's sake.  When I have to have a "Come to Jesus" talk with any given wayward little 9th grade lamb, I just don't foresee a sparkling eyelid working in my favor.  Would you obey your teacher if she looked like she had just stepped off the set of a Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion?  I think not.  However, attention future students who might have stumbled upon this blog - maybe if you are good next school year, you will be the winner of this palette!  :)

I was very pleased overall with this month's Ipsy bag, and I look forward to seeing what Ipsy will send me in future months.  You can register for Ipsy on their website, and for $10 a month, I think that Ipsy is a fabulous beauty  subscription service.  

What sample subscription services (beauty or others) do you subscribe to?  Tell me all about them!

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  1. There was great stuff in your bag this month